ICD-9-CM & ICD-10-CM Codes


Lead Author(s): 

Nicole C. Wright, PhD, MPH
Kenneth G. Saag, MD, MSc
Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD, MS, MPH

Supporting Author(s): 

Sylvia I. Watkins-Castillo, PhD


Osteoporosis unspecified: 733.00   
    (ICD-10-CM: M81.0)
Senile osteoporosis: 733.01       
    (ICD-10-CM: M81.0)
Idiopathic osteoporosis: 733.02       
    (ICD-10-CM: M81.8)
Disuse osteoporosis: 733.03       
    (ICD-10-CM: M81.8)
Other osteoporosis: 733.09        
    (ICD-10-CM: M81.8)


Hip fracture: 820.0, 820.2, 733.14   
    (ICD-10-CM: S72.019A, S72.023A, S72.033A, S72.043A, S72.099A, S72.109A, S72.143A, S72.23XA, M84.459A)   

Spine fracture: 805.0, 805.2, 805.4, 805.8, 806.0, 806.2, 806.4, 806.8, 733.13   
    (ICD-10-CM: S12.9XXA, S12.000A, S12.001A, S12.100A, S12.101A, S12.200A, S12.201A, S12.300A, S12.301A, S12.400A, S12.401A, S12.500A, S12.501A, S12.600A, S12.601A, S22.009A, S32.009A, S32.10XA, S32.2XXA, S14.101A, S14.102A, S14.103A, S14.104A, S14.111A, S14.112A,S14.113A, S14.114A, S14.121A, S14.122A, S14.123A, S14.124A, S14.131A, S14.132A, S14.133A, S14.134A, S14.151A, S14.152A, S14.153A, S14.154A, S14.105A,S14.106A, S14.107A, S14.115A, S14.116A, S14.117A, S14.125A, S14.126A, S14.127A, S14.135A, S14.136A, S14.137A, S14.155A, S14.156A, S14.157A, S24.101AS24.102A, S24.111A, S24.112A, S24.131A, S24.132A, S24.151A, S24.152A, S24.103A, S24.104A, S24.113A, S24.114A, S24.133A, S24.134A, S24.153A, S24.154A,S34.109A, S34.119A, S34.129A, S32.009A, S34.101A, S34.111A, S34.121A, S32.019A, S34.102A, S34.112A, S34.122A, S32.029A, S34.103A, S34.113A, S34.123A,S32.039A, S34.104A, S34.114A, S34.124A, S32.049A, S34.105A, S34.115A, S34.125A, S32.059A, S14.109A, S24.109A, S34.109A, S34.139A, M48.50XA, M80.08XA,M84.48XA, M84.68XA)   

Pelvic fracture: 808.0, 808.2, 808.4, 808.8       
    (ICD-10-CM: S32.409A, S32.501A, S32.501A, S32.509A, S32.309A, S32.609A, S32.810A, S32.811A, S32.82XA, S32.89XA, S32.9XXA)   

Femur (thigh) fracture: 821.0, 821.2, 733.15       
    (ICD-10-CM: S72.90XA, S72.309A, S72.409A, S72.413A, S72.416A, S72.443A, S72.446A, S72.453A, S72.456A, S72.499A, M84.453A)   

Wrist fracture: 813.4, 733.12               
    ICD-10-CM: S52.90XA, S52.539A, S52.549A, S52.509A, S52.609A, S52.119A, S52.529A, S52.019A, S52.629A, S52.011A, S52.012A, S52.621A, A52.622A, M84.439A)

Humerus (arm) fracture: 812.0, 812.2, 812.4, 733.1   
    (ICD-10-CM: S42.209A, S42.213A, S42.216A, S42/293A, S42.295A, S42.253A, S42.256A, S42/293A, S42.296A, S42.309A, S42.399A, S42.409A, S42.413A, S42.416A, S42.433A, S42.436A, S42.453A, S42.456A, S42.443A, S42.446A, S42.463A, S42.466A, S42.473A, S42.476A, S42.493A, S42.496A, M84.40XA)


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